k22 studios  |Rates

k22 studios can offer competitive rates for your session. Please get in contact with us to discuss quantity or project rates. Usually we can make a lot things happen. For your orientation have a look at our standard pricelist. Please note that we offer special discounts for unsigned artists!

Please use our booking request form for any inquiries!


Studio rental  |music production

Lock-out Studio
/Studio 1+2 and all rooms

650 € per day / 100 € per hour

Studio 1  | Tracking
/incl. all recording rooms

450 € per day / 70 € per hour

Studio 1  | Mixing
/Nautilus control room only

300 € per day / 45 € per hour

Studio 2  |  Tracking
/incl. A Forest recording room

250 € per day / 40 € per hour

Studio 2  | Production suite
/ Shack control room only

200 € per day / 30 € per hour

You can bring your own engineer / producer or book one of our inhouse engineers. Rates may vary depending on different engineers.


from 350 € per day / 75 € per hour

Assistant Engineer

from 200 € per day / 45 € per hour

Please note: If you bring your own engineer / producer we charge at least one day for an assistant engineer for a detailled briefing and to set you up.

Studio rental  |various productions

You can also book our studio for rehearsals, video/photo production or your special events. The rates include location rental only. We are more than happy to provide additional services to our partner companies.

Blackstar  |  Rehearsal
/140 sqm rehearsal room
/Backline etc. on request

300 € per day / 45 € per hour

Studio Event Rental
/140 sqm Blackstar room
/Lounge & kitchen area
/Other services on request

from 900 € per day / 150 per hour

Terms & conditions

Usually we charge by the day so you don’t have to watch the clock. Our usual work day is 10 hours and a half day is 5 hours. This includes set-up and preparation of the studio by our engineers.

Full day sessions usually run 10am-8pm. Half days are available 10am-3pm or 4-9pm.

For hourly bookings we have a 2 hour minimum.


We accepts cash, bank transfer or credit card payments through PayPal.

Deposit Policy

We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% for every day booked in order to confirm the session. While deposits are non-refundable, dates may be moved up until 14 days before the session at no penalty. The balance must be paid at the end of the session and we are unable to release any media until the balance is paid in full.

Extra Fees

For commercial photo or video session in the studio we have a 200% location surcharge.