Studio 1 |Nautilus

A world-class recording studio on 220 sqm featuring a 40 channel Raindirk Symphony console.

Studio 1 |Nautilus

Excellent selection of vintage outboard gear

Studio 1 |Nautilus

Full analog recording on our premier Studer A800 MKIII 1″ 8track or digital with up to 132×132 channels.

Studio 1 |Nautilus

140 sqm. recording room Live 1 |Blackstar for full band sessions, choirs, big bands or live video production.

Studio 1 is built around our Nautilus control room, planned and acoustically designed by German renowned studio expert Fritz Fey. It has a very flat response, excellent even in the very low frequencies and it provides a very natural and uncoloured sound.

Nautilus houses a 40-channel Raindirk Symphony which offers up to 132 channels during mixing. It’s an excellent console with an enourmous flexibility paired with an ultra-low level of mixing or inherent noise (-100dB SNR) and awesome preamps and EQs.

The console has over 200 patchpoints running to our sideracks which are equipped with a nice selection of vintage outboard gear and selected new stuff. You also can bring your own equipment or lunchbox and plug it into our guest lines using XLR or Sub-D connectors.

You can record fully analog to our premier league 1″ 8-track Studer A800 (24-track if desired), digital to Protools, Logic, Cubase or any other DAW using our 32×32 Focusrite RedNet Dante system or anything inbetween. If needed we can scale our system within 10 minutes to 128×128 digital in-/outputs. You can mixdown to our 1/4″ Studer master recorder.


  • 40 sqm (430 sqft) control room designed by Fritz Fey.
  • 40 channels / 132 channels summing Raindirk Symphony.
  • Softube Console 1, Avid Artist Mix and custom Raindirk integrated DAW controls.
  • Genelec 8350APM / 7370APM monitoring, Yamaha NS10M, Fostex 6301 and Auratones.
  • Excellent selection of vintage outboard (AMS, dbx, Drawmer, Empirical Labs, Lexicon, Millenia, Neve, Telefunken, Urei etc. – see full list here).
  • State-of-the art microphone selection (Neumann, AKG, Schoeps etc. – full list here).
  • 8-track 1“ Studer A800 MKIII synced with Adam Smith Zeta III to DAW.
  • 2-track 1/4″ Studer A 807 master recorder.
  • 32×32 up to 128×128 Focusrite RedNet Dante interface.
  • UAD Satellite Octo Core with UAD Ultimate 9
  • Full Plug-in Alliance access
  • Full Sound Toys library
  • Cubase, Logic X and ProTools – other DAWs on request

We can offer competitive rates for your session. Please get in contact with us to discuss quantity or project rates. Usually we can make a lot things happen.

control room only
300 € / day
45 € / hour

incl. Blacktar, A Forest & Desert Island
350 € / day
55 € / hour

Studio 1 + Studio 2 + all rooms
650 € / day
100 € / hour

The control room has direct sightlines to our recording rooms Blackstar (140 sqm), A Forest (30 sqm) and Desert Island (11 sqm). Through our directly accessible patch room all studio areas are connected with enough mic, instrument, loudspeaker as well as network tie-lines to make a real mess if you want.

Nautilus also offers a very small but excellent Whisky booth accessible from the control room. There we host a nice selection of awesome booze.