Studio 2 | Shack

Your private cozy but very nice project studio for any kind of song-writing, pre-production or sound design.

Studio 2 | Shack

A custom made hybrid workspace featuring an SSL Nucleus 2 DAW controller and a high-end iMac Pro.

Studio 2 | Shack

Direct access to our 30 sqm Live 2 |A Forest recording room. Even big enough for your band session.

Studio 2 | Shack

Full access to our spacious lounge and kitchen area. Enough space for your people to hang around and relax.

Studio 2 is built around our smaller control room Shack and mainly intended for song-writing, pre-production or sound design but can also be used for full recording sessions as it has direct viewing access to A Forest, our 30 sqm performance room.

The centerpiece of the control room is our custom modelled D&R Series 4000 MKII console, which offers up to 12/24 analogue input channels and hosts an integrated SSL Nucleus 2 DAW controller with 16 motor faders, extensive DAW control and 2 SSL SuperAnalogue preamps which directly feed our Dante network and your DAW. The Focusrite Red4 Pre is our main I/O interface and offers additional 4 Focusrite Red Evolution Preamps. You also might want to use our Neve R6 side rack with additional preamps and analogue compressors/EQ.

  • 25 sqm (270 sqft) daylight control room and workshop
  • Remodelled 24-channel D&R 4000 MKII for recording/analogue summing/mixing
  • SSL Nucleus 2 DAW Controller with 2 SSL SuperAnalogue preamps
  • Focusrite Red4 Pre with 4 Focusrite Red Evolution preamps
  • Genelec 8330AP & Genelec 7350APM subwoofer
  • Yamaha NS10M and Fostex 6301B
  • Neve R6 500 lunchbox siderack
  • SSL Nucleus 2 DAW Controller with 16 motorized faders and extensive DAW control
  • Focusrite Red4 Pre TB3 interface with 10×12 analogue I/O and 60×66 total I/O and full access to our Dante network
  • UAD Satellite Octo Core with UAD Ultimate 9
  • Full Plug-in Alliance access
  • Full Sound Toys library
  • UAD Ox Box reactive loadbox and guitar recording system
  • Cubase, Logic X and ProTools – other DAWs on request
  • Fender Rhodes, Korg Grandstage 88, various synths
  • Kemper Profiler, Fractal Audio Axe FX III, Avid Eleven Rack
  • Various Fender, Vox, Sovtek and other amps incl. various cabinet selections
  • Various guitars, drum kits, percussion etc.
  • Huge collection of stomp boxes

We can offer competitive rates for your session. Please get in contact with us to discuss quantity or project rates. Usually we can make a lot things happen.

Mixing & Editing
control room only
200 € / day
30 € / hour

incl. A Forest recording room
250 € / day
40 € / hour

All in all you have access to 10/12 anlogue I/O which are easily extendable to 60×66 I/O using our Dante network.

You can easily bring your own laptop, plug an ethernet cord or TB3 cable into your device and have full access to our studio. This way you can easily track to your own DAW without using our machines.

You can book Shack independently or together with Studio 1 and the Nautilus control room.You might want to record in Studio 1 while some members of your group are working on songs or sounds in Shack. It’s up to you.