I always feel there’s something magic in recording studios. There’s a reason good music continues to be made in them.

Rick Rubin

Studio 1 | Nautilus

A world-class recording studio for full analog or digital recording on 220 sqm. With all the toys you are looking for.

Studio 2 | Shack

Your private cozy but very nice project studio for any kind of song-writing, pre-production or sound design.

Live 1 | Blackstar

Our big and awesome 140 sqm performance room – used to be a famous underground club back in the 1980ies. Now available for your projects.

Live 2 | A Forest

An acoustically optimized, multi-purpose recording room with 30 sqm. Perfect for all kind of instrumental recordings and band sessions.


Loft-style large living area with full-size kitchen, dining and our vintage Super Nintendo and VHS collection.

Live 2 Blackstar k22 studios

Producing & Recording Music

Our core business is recording and producing music. You also can rent our facilities for rehearsals or video production.

Mixing & Mastering

Our engineer and producer team can help you realize your musical ideas or professionally mix and master your finished tracks.

Post-Production & Advertising

We offer a full workflow for films, TV series or documentaries from dubbing to sound design and writing and scoring your music.