k22 studios  |Directions

k22 studios GmbH
Dießemer Bruch 150
47805 Krefeld

T: +49 2151 416976-7

  • Located in the heart of Germany
  • 15 minutes to DUS airport
  • 30 minutes to Venlo
  • 45 minutes to Cologne
  • 60 minutes to Belgium
  • All major food chains within 2 mins
  • Restaurants within 5 mins
  • 15 Michelin star restaurants within a 25 min radius.
  • Shuttle service from DUS, CGN and EIN

The entrance to the studio goes from Dießemer Bruch to a small industrial yard. On the left you will find a tile wholesaler (Fliesenmaxx) and on the right old factory buildings. On the backside of the factory halls is the entrance to the studio.

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