Studio 1 |Nautilus

A world-class recording studio on 220 sqm featuring a 40 channel Raindirk Symphony console.

Studio 1 |Nautilus

Excellent selection of vintage outboard gear

Studio 1 |Nautilus

Full analog recording on our premier Studer A800 MKIII 1″ 8track or digital with up to 132×132 channels.

Studio 1 |Nautilus

140 sqm. recording room Live 1 |Blackstar for full band sessions, choirs, big bands or live video production.

Studio 1 is built around our Nautilus control room, planned and acoustically designed by German renowned studio expert Fritz Fey. It has a very flat response, excellent even in the very low frequencies and it provides a very natural and uncoloured sound.

Nautilus houses a 40-channel Raindirk Symphony which offers up to 132 channels during mixing. It’s an excellent console with an enourmous flexibility paired with an ultra-low level of mixing or inherent noise (-100dB SNR) and awesome preamps and EQs.

The console has over 200 patchpoints running to our sideracks which are equipped with a nice selection of vintage outboard gear and selected new stuff. You also can bring your own equipment or lunchbox and plug it into our guest lines using XLR or Sub-D connectors.

You can record fully analog to our premier league 1″ 8-track Studer A800 (24-track if desired), digital to Protools, Logic, Cubase or any other DAW using our 32×32 Focusrite RedNet Dante system or anything inbetween. If needed we can scale our system within 10 minutes to 128×128 digital in-/outputs. You can mixdown to our 1/4″ Studer master recorder.


  • 40 sqm (430 sqft) control room designed by Fritz Fey.
  • 40 channels / 132 channels summing Raindirk Symphony.
  • Avid Artist Mix and custom Raindirk integrated DAW controls.
  • Genelec 8350APM / 7370APM monitoring, Yamaha NS10M, Fostex 6301 and Auratones.
  • Excellent selection of vintage outboard (AMS, API, dbx, Drawmer, Empirical Labs, Lexicon, Manley, Millenia, Neve, Telefunken, Urei etc. – see full list here).
  • State-of-the art microphone selection (Neumann, AKG, Schoeps etc. – full list here).
  • 8-track 1“ Studer A800 MKIII synced with Adam Smith Zeta III to DAW.
  • 2-track 1/4″ Studer A 807 master recorder.
  • 32×32 up to 128×128 Focusrite RedNet Dante interface.
  • UAD Satellite Octo Core with UAD Ultimate 9
  • Full Plug-in Alliance access
  • Full Sound Toys library
  • Cubase, Logic X and ProTools – other DAWs on request

We can offer competitive rates for your session. Please get in contact with us to discuss quantity or project rates. We also offer special rates for unsigned artists. Usually we can make a lot things happen.

control room only
starting at 300 € / day
starting at 45 € / hour

incl. Blacktar, A Forest & Desert Island
starting at 350 € / day
starting at 55 € / hour

The control room has direct sightlines to our recording rooms Blackstar (140 sqm), A Forest (30 sqm) and Desert Island (11 sqm). Through our directly accessible patch room all studio areas are connected with enough mic, instrument, loudspeaker as well as network tie-lines to make a real mess if you want.

All our control rooms are AC equipped and ventilated to ensure a nice working environment.