k22 Studios  |Overview

If you had a sign above every studio door saying ‘This Studio is a Musical Instrument’ it would make such a different approach to recording.

Brian Eno

k22 studios is a recording studio like studios used to be in the good old days of recording: A place where you can live your dream, meet friends and create the music you love. It’s a sacred space, a home and a tool.

Back in the 1980ies the building used to be a storied underground club. Bands like Depeche Mode, The Fall, Monster Magnet, Rammstein, The Stranglers or Einstürzende Neubauten played at the Kulturfabrik Krefeld. In 2020 we converted the abandoned club into a state-of-the-art recording facility.

k22 studios offers two studios which can be operated separately or booked together plus a spacious lounge and kitchen area. Our live room Live 1 |Black Star is one of the biggest around and suited for bands, choirs or orchestras as well as live shows, video recording or live rehearsals.

K22 Producing Music

Studio 1  |Nautilus

Our main studio is built around our 40 sqm (430 sqft) Nautilus control room equipped with a 40 channel Raindirk Symphony console, Studer A800 MKIII, 32×32 Focusrite I/O, 4 racks of world-class vintage equipment and fully suited for analog and digital recording.

Direct sight lines to our recording rooms Blackstar, A Forest and Desert Island.

K22 Producing Music

Studio 2  |Shack

Shack is a 20 sqm. (215 sqft.) control room and the heart of our smaller (and less expensive) studio. It hosts Session Desk workstation with an integrated SSL Nucleus II DAW controller a 12×10 Focusrite/SSL I/O and a nice selection of synths and keyboards.

It’s perfect for mixing, song writing, vocal recording or budget band recording.

Recording rooms

K22 Producing Music

Live 1  |Blackstar

Our awesome 140 sqm (1.500 sqft) recording room with up to 7m ceilings used to be a famous underground club back in the 1980ies. 

Excellent for bands, choirs or orchestras as well as live shows, video recording or live rehearsals.

K22 Producing Music

Live 2   |A Forest

Our acoustically optimized recording room with 3,5m high ceiling and 30 sqm (320 sqft) floor space. It’s our main recording room for band set-ups, drums, guitars, brass – well you name it.

A Forest can be used with Studio 1 and/or  Studio 2.

K22 Producing Music

Iso  |Desert Island

A cozy 11 sqm (118 sqft) isolation room perfect for vocal recordings, guitar amps, real dry drum sounds and everything which really needs an intimate character.

Direct sight line to our Nautilus of Studio 1 and recording room A Forest

K22 Producing Music


k22 studios features an excellent mixture of state-of-the-art digital technology combined with an awesome collection of vintage equipment.

Live 1 Blackstar k22 studios

Lounge & Facilities

Our studios share a spacious lounge area with a fully equipped kitchen, seating area, bathroom with shower, separate washroom as well as an optional client office.