Live 2  |A Forest

The sound is deep. In the dark.
Our multi-purpose main recording room with 30 sqm.

While our biggest live room Blackstar offers a longer very colorful reverberation, our goal for A Forest was to build a room which has a controlled dry sound with plenty low end and does not color your sound too much. That way you can develop your sound the way you like it. During recording you can use various reflective or absorbative gobos and while mixing the controlled sound of the room combined with our excellent outboard reverbs like the Lexicon 480L give you the opportunity to emulate any room you can imagine.

A Forest also is highly sound proofed so it’s optimized for recording very quiet instruments.

With a 3,5m high ceiling and 30 sqm (320 sqft) floor space it has a lot of volume for great drum recordings and it’s even big enough to record a whole band.

  • 30 sqm (320 sqft), 3,5m ceiling
  • Fully isolated room-in-room construction, wooden flooring
  • Acoustically designed by Fritz Fey
  • 24x8x2 analogue tie lines, up to 128×128 digital in-/outputs
  • Usable with Studio 1 |Nautilus control room and Studio 2 |Shack control room
  • Sight lines to Live 1 |Blackstar and Isobooth |Desert Island.

Using Live 2 |A Forest recording room is usually included in your standard studio rate.