Recording | Mixing | Mastering

Our engineer and producer team can help you realize your musical ideas or professionally mix and master your finished tracks.


You have already produced a beat and want to record only the vocal tracks professionally? Or you want to record real drums, guitars or other instruments for a song? With k22 studios you can realize everything from the complete production to the recording of individual tracks in a professional and well-equipped studio. We offer you acoustically optimized rooms and the top equipment that even the super stars use.


We can optimize your finished mixed song for your release in the k22 studios using our digital-analog mastering suite. We can also give purely digital tracks a final kick with our high-end analog equipment.


In our studios have already recorded numerous artists of all genres. Especially in the field of Rap / Hip Hop we do quite a lot.


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Produced by: Yazuneh & Neo
Mix & Mastered by: Phil Reno Müller (Atair)
Video Directed: Filipe Silva


If you have already recorded tracks and want to have them professionally mixed, we can help you. We have already mixed over 1,000 songs of various styles. Whether you want your tracks mixed in-the-box or analog/hybrid is just a matter of taste (and recall…). We guarantee a fat sound according to your ideas.

  • Studio 1 |Nautilus – acoustically optimized control room with 40 channel analog recording console and tons of vintage analog outboard gear. Studio 2 |Shack – digital control room for vocal or band recording, pre-production or electronic music. 3 Recording Rooms – 14 / 32 / 140 m2 acoustically optimized recording rooms. High-end microphones – Neumann U47, U67, U87, U47fet, AKG C414 and many more classics. Analog preamps & outboard – excellent selection of Neve, Millenia, SPL, Drawmer, UREI, Manley or George Massenburg outboard. All DAWs and tons of plug-ins – we work with Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Cubase or Protools and have a huge selection of the latest plug-ins available. Spacious lounges – 400m2 studio with plenty of room for your session.
  • Atair-Audio (aka Phil Müller) is producer in residence and focuses on current productions in hip hop, trap and other types of current genres.

  • koenigsallee have made a name for themselves producing current N-NDW, indie, post-punk and dance productions.


How can we help? If you have an idea and need help implementing it, feel free to contact us and together we’ll figure out what we can do for you!

Studio 1 | Nautilus

A world class recording studio for full analog or digital recording on 220 sqm. With all the toys you’re looking for.

Studio 2 | Shack

Top digital production studio with analog outboard and SSL DAW controller optimal for your vocal recordings or beat production.

Live 2 | A Forest

An acoustically optimized multi-purpose recording room with 30 sqm. Perfect for all kinds of instrumental recordings and band sessions.

Live 1 | Blackstar

Our large and impressive 140 m² event space was a famous underground club in the 1980s. Now available for your projects.


Very spacious loft style lounge area with kitchen, dining area and our beloved Super Nintendo and VHS collection.