Isobooth |Desert Island

Our smallest performance room – perfect for vocal recordings or really dry sounds.

As an addition to our great sounding bigger performance rooms, we wanted a smaller room which is perfect for very close vocal recordings, guitar amps or dryer than life drumsounds.

Desert Island is directly connected to our Studio 1 |Nautilus control room and even has a sight line to Live 2 |A Forest. The color scheme of the room was inspired by the moods of the Joshua Tree national park – therefore its name: Desert Island.

And to get mislead by “booth” – with 11 sqm it’s a nice and cosy room but 3,2m ceiling gives it the character of a small chapel.

  • 11 sqm (118 sqft), 3,2m ceiling
  • Fully isolated room-in-room construction, wooden flooring
  • 16x4x2 analogue tie lines, up to 128×128 digital in-/outputs
  • Sight lines to Studio 1 |Nautilus control room and Live 2 |A Forest

Using Isobooth |Desert Island is usually included in your standard rate for Studio 1.