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If you want to record for a longer time and are in need of an accomodation there are several options available.

Krefeld offers hotels, guest houses or holiday accommodations in any price range. Some are close by.

If you want to stay in a bigger city we recommend staying in Düsseldorf which is a 15 minute ride. In Düsseldorf you find hotels in any price category.

Please let us know if we should help you with your booking!

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k22 studios

B&B Hotel

Mercure Park Hotel Krefelder Hof

vivere ad parcum - B&B

Ferienhaus Villa EMG

Some recommendations

If you want to stay in Düsseldorf and are looking for some more posh hotels we could recommend:


  • The Wellem – luxury boutique hotel in Düsseldorfs old town. 15 minutes to the studio.
  • Hyatt Regency – top class luxury hotel in the harbour of Düsseldorf. 20 minutes to the studio.