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Additional music services

Our services for musicians and the music industry doesn’t stop when the recording is done. Together with our partner companies offer a full-service around your music production.

And with our 140 sqm performance room Dark Star we offer the perfect location for your rehearsals as well as for your video production. Having our sister company Pelser+Schmidt on-site we can easily provide you with everything you need for your live performance.

K22 Producing Music


/ STEM Mastering
/ Mastering for iTunes
/ Vinyl Mastering

K22 Producing Music


/ 140 sqm rehearsal room
/ Rehearse & record
/ On-site rental company

K22 Producing Music

Video Production

/ 140 sqm video studio
/ Greenscreen / Infinity cove
/ On-site video rental

Movie, TV & Games services

At k22 studios we employ an experienced team of video editors, composers, musicians and sound designers who are specialized in film scoring, movie post production and games design. We also have excellent contacts to affordable orchestras and ensembles.

K22 Producing Music

Film scoring

/ Composition
/ Scoring
/ Orchestra production

K22 Producing Music


/ Video editing
/ Sound mixing
/ Dubbing services

K22 Producing Music

Games Design

/ Sound design
/ Music design
/ Localisation

Advertising & Events

If you are looking for a full-service audio and music partner for your advertising and event projects we are happy to help. We have over 20 years experience in advertising and an excellent network in the advertising industry.

You want to host one of your events at a very special and unique location? Give us a call!

K22 Producing Music

Jingle Production

/ Composing
/ Sound design
/ Dubbing & Voiceover

K22 Producing Music

Sound Design

/ Corporate sound logos
/ Sound design
/ Fair & Event sounds

K22 Producing Music


/ > 250 sqm event location
/ On-site event agency
/ Partner catering company

k22 studios partner network