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How it all began

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Over the years – when working in Carstens Ezy Sounds studio – we often discussed that we should build a “real studio” – a studio like studios used to be in the good old days of recording.

On the same property where Carstens studio and his audio and video rental company Pelser+Schmidt is located there also used to be this old famous underground club – the KUFA. Hundreds of famous bands played at this venue during the 1980ies and 1990ies before the KUFA moved to a new location. Bands like The Fall, Monster Magnet, The Stranglers, Bad Religion, Die Ärzte or Einstürzende Neubauten used to stop at this venue long before the became famous and switched to larger venues. Some people tell that even Depeched Mode once played a show here.  Now abandoned for years the old sheds had a very special spirit but unfortunately were in a very bad shape.

When the Covid-19 crisis started in March 20 and concert and event business had an full stop we thought that this might be our one-in-a-million chance. If not now when should we find the time to build a recording studio?

In July 20 we finally signed the lease for most of the old KUFA – approx. 500 qm.

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Pictures from our building phase